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Laws of mobility

"If anything can go Mobile it will."

Mobility is inevitable. Mobility provides freedom, the ability to perform what needs to be done, when and where it is needed to be done.

"Mobility can be faster than you"

Employees own either a Smartphone or tablet-If an organisation doesn't provide mobility services then employees will either download a solution or create their own (both options highly insecure).

"Security is the Enabler of mobility."

Data access addressed in a irresponsible way results in a threat to security and the loss of trust -both in the company itself and by its customer

"Mobility's heart is Data"

It's the freedom to do work and the ability to access data independent of time, place and device in a secured way.

"Mobility Organically Evolves"

Every moment brings new devices, new apps, new operating systems and new risks. If you don't build in to your Mobility strategy ongoing assessment and growth capacity your capabilities for efficient response to new mobile developments is diminished.

"Mobility is User centric"

Always provide services that not only solves what they need now but what they will inevitably request.

"Mobility redefines the term: Scale"

True Enterprise Mobility Management takes into account the inherent complexity, scale for redundancy and necessary bandwidth required when organizing to scale on every level: People, Bandwidth and Software.


Mobility Strategy Development

Program management: Mobility Programs

Development and Implementation of Policies:
General and Organizational

App Store creation Program

Contract Guidance


"MobileMindz laid the foundation for an Enterprise Mobility centred on the 'ABN AMRO App Store' with a specific focus on internal organization investment."

"MobileMindz acted as a Senior Mobility Strategy Advisor for CIO Amersfoort, specifically on the formulation of policies centred on App creation and mobile work."

"MobileMindz acted as the Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Finance for Mobility Strategy with specific focuses on eReaders, Libraries and the IM process."

"MobileMindz's chief role was as Implementation Consultant, responsible for digitization needs, with heavy emphasis on market assessment, peer group analysis and production rollout."

"MobileMindz rolled out multiple projects over a number of years, including a unified communications solution, strategic organizational IT changes and Mobile/App program structuring."

"MobileMindz acted as a Mobility strategist, commissioned by Microsoft, for Philips Global Infrastructure (P-GIS), responsible for three-phase strategy formulation focused on four worldwide target groups"

"MobileMindz was chosen by Transavia for our strategic planning to effect organizational change. The results of our efforts were 'Choose Your Own' and 'Bring Your Own' strategic policies for all internal employees. Both were signed off by the CIO and the Board."

"MobileMindz engages with PwC on a advisory basis. Our team works hand in hand with PwC's IT Leaders and senior Partners delivering as needed expertise and support from a wide variety of Digital and Mobile fields."


Mark Beermann


With a passion for Mobility and Entrepreneurship Mark is guided by the philosophy of "maximum results | Zero Sub optimization". Delighting in challenges both Academic and Economic he focuses on converting client's strategic Mobile issues into tactical opportunities.

Danny Frietman


A driven Entrepreneur with a focus on knowledge sharing in the field of Enterprise Mobility, Danny dons many hats in his commitment to creating new initiatives and addressing specific needs in this challenging market.

Dennis Reumer

'Mobile ROI Builder'

With over 12 years experience in mobility, ranging from Enterprise Architect to actual Mobile Development, his focus and passion is realizing valuable Mobile Enterprise Solutions, that will allow companies to transform and cut the cords and find real growth again, using Mobility as their stepping stone.

Ruben Delil

'Mobile Translator'

Embracing meaningful new (mobile) technologies with real added value, Ruben’s passion is to unite technology and design with a strong user focus to offer clients fresh insight and advice on strategic, technological and mobile challenges, always keeping the end-user in mind.

Edo van de Velde

'Mobile Architect'

A driven architect who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of enterprise mobility solutions. With a passion for finding the best ‘fit’ between organizational requirements and mobile opportunities. Edo’s strong analytical combined with good communication skills gives him the flexibility to find the perfect match between ‘demand’ and ‘supply’.

Koen Römkens

'Mobility Engineer'

Mobile Minded, Enterprise First: Specializing in Enterprise Mobility (whilst bringing an extensive technical and software background) Koen can be relied upon to always deliver client solutions that satisfy both the business needs and the technical requirements.

Chrisjan de Weerd

'Innovation Engineer'

Chrisjan has been innovating (on both national and international scales) Mobile Product Management, Strategy and Development for over a decade, backed by an expansive SIM, eSIM, mobile handset, NFC / TSM knowledge that ranges from security and privacy to mobile payments and banking.

Hans Heising

'Mobile Agilist'

Armed with a plethora of certifications from 'Scrum Master' to 'SAFe agilist' (while at the same time bringing over two decades of experience in Mobile technologies) Hans efficiently and expertly translates Client needs into Mobile Enterprise Solutions.


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